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A long 68 years has gone by since our Cleveland Indians won the World Series. While winning in 2016 would have made for unbelievable memories, Cleveland residents and natives enjoyed every moment of the 2016 run. Big sports are as much a part of Cleveland as is the magic that is called up when we hear the words “Play Ball”. Walk past an empty ballfield on a clear evening


Chagrin Valley outdoor lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

and you’re likely to see a father gently tossing balls to a future slugger. Passing the torch, or the baseball bat, to the next generation is as all-American as it gets. Baseball is about the feel of a glove that has been oiled to perfection. It’s about hot dogs that really aren’t that hot and beer that’s not really that cold but are the best-tasting beer and hot dogs you’ll ever have. It’s about the anticipation of arriving at a beloved evening game under the outdoor lights. It’s about moments and memories. Without kicking up some dirt, very few things can bring that feeling to life except watching some of the great baseball movies of all time; 1942’s Pride of the Yankees with Gary Cooper, 1984’s The Natural with Robert Redford, and 1989’s Field of Dreams and Kevin Costner.

Until the next chance we have to participate in a huge national tournament, we are going to have Friday nights in the backyard where all the neighborhood kids clamor to your yard because you have a big yard and just the right amount of outdoor lighting to pitches to the kids for a couple hours. There are going to be dozens of Saturday nights when we hook up the nighttime game outside and enjoy celebrating 9 great innings with some beer that is perfectly chilled in the outdoor kitchen. If we’re lucky, the outdoor refrigerator is stocked with some well-chosen craft beers for everyone to try.

Make those great memories in your own backyard. Illuminate your grassy yard for nighttime play. Illuminate your outdoor kitchen for lively discussions about the weekly roundup. Add outdoor lighting to your patio and outdoor fire pit to discuss your fantasy picks before you throw a few dollars into the pot. If you have a community gathering place, add outdoor lighting to your community center’s grassy area or to your church’s playground area.

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