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Welcome to Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Cleveland and Northern Ohio. For nearly two decades, we have been serving homeowners throughout the Northern Ohio area providing LED outdoor lighting and landscaping lighting for homes, landscapes, gardens and more. Read below to learn more about our outdoor lighting design, installation and service.

Outdoor Lighting Design

As you can imagine, there are hundreds of features throughout your yard and landscaping that could be illuminated from the shrubs lining the front of your property to the large trees adjoining your driveway around to the trees or decorative elements at the back of your property. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, our goal is not to illuminate everything. In fact, our goal is quite the opposite. Light is not only to bring an area into view at night, it’s also an art. Anyone can shine a spotlight but it takes an experienced and qualified designer to gently illuminate only the right areas and focal elements to create a pleasing scene that also accomplishes any functional objectives for the lighting.

Tim Bickett, owner
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern OH

In lighting your facade, our goal is the same. We do not want to shine a spotlight on your home. We want to illuminate what makes your home beautiful. Is it the stone facade or some of the architectural peaks? Is it the architectural reliefs that make your facade spectacular? Do you have grand columns that make your home’s facade look stately? We want to use light to make your home’s best features look even better at night. You can count on the experts at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Ohio to bring your home and landscape to life at night.

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